The Ten Universal Spiritual Laws

Edited by Sue Van Doeren


I. Law of Love and Brotherhood

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. By opening our hearts to others we find fulfillment and happiness. It begins with seeing how our hearts are closed (where we judge and blame) and granting acceptance to our humanness. Know that we are all one. All are precious. All are deserving of compassion.


II. Law of Living in Truth

Face life and the truth of yourself with defenselessness. Face yourself as you are with all your imperfections. Embrace life wholeheartedly without fear, self-pity or consenting to the fear of being hurt. Say to yourself, “In order to become what I would like to be, I must first, without consenting to the fear, shame or vanity within me, face what is in me.”


III: Law of Paying the Price

There is a price to be paid for everything. There is a disadvantage to every gratification. The disadvantage must be faced and accepted.


IV. Law of Personal Responsibility; Cause and Effect; Karma

Through our own attitudes, beliefs, feelings and behavior we reap what we sow. We create our own reality. We are all given free will. We are free to choose what we wish. We only have to accept the consequences.


V. Law of Giving and Receiving

Nature is based on the principle of giving and receiving – the sun, water, soil, growth are all interdependent and rely upon receiving each other’s gifts to survive. We are structured the same way. Where do we try to get more than we want to give? Where do we have too much pride or vanity to receive?


VI. Law of Dharma

In living in our purpose, whatever it is that we can do that gives us pleasure and joy – we are honoring the law of Dharma. To not live in our Dharma is uncomfortable at best, and painful at worst.


VII. Infinite Reality

We are not alone. There is an infinite reality beyond the personality that is superior, good, infinite, invincible, wordless, beingness that we can gain access to through our self-development and meditation. Our personalities becoming infused with this Reality bit by bit across time – this is what is meant by the evolution of our soul and the evolution of our species.


VIII. Law of Transforming Negativity

The strength and the ability of the divine or infinite reality to penetrate the personality structure and shine forth is the degree to which darkness, evil and negativity have been faced in the self and transformed through observation, recognition and acceptance.


IX. Law of Abundance

The Universe is abundant. We separate ourselves from this abundance by our limited thinking.


X. Law of Attention

What we focus on expands. What we resist (judge) persists.

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