transformationThe work I do is transformational in nature, combining the physical, emotional and spiritual, which are all naturally interconnected. By spiritual, I mean tapping into a higher intelligence that’s bigger than yourself – whether you experience that as God, “fellow man,” nature, the universe etc. This higher intelligence has much to offer, and is available to even the most devout atheist.


Transformation is different from change. The baby caterpillar changes into an adult caterpillar but then there is a metamorphosis as it transforms into a butterfly.

A similar metamorphosis occurs within a human being when you awaken to the fact that your entire construct of reality, who you think you are, what you believe you are capable of, and your perception of your world, is not real! Rather, it is based on reactions to things that happened to you at an early age.

How could it be otherwise! All your initial learning happened when you were a small child without an adult ability to distinguish reality. A simple event like your mother not coming immediately as you cry in your crib leaves you less trusting, and making decisions about people and all of life. Later, you may learn that people don’t abandon us that easily, but you learn it on top of a deeply held, primal “knowing” that you may be abandoned.

This manifests both emotionally and physically. For example, people with poor posture are holding themselves in a way that’s consistent with, or a reaction to the early childhood programming. Claiming your inner strength literally will give you more physical strength.

In our work together, I use several processes to assist you in:

  • Unconcealing how you have been programmed by your early environment;
  • Understanding how you came to the world view you currently inhabit;
  • Learning how to quiet your mind and see past the early childhood and societal programming;
  • Learning how to increasingly diminish the hold this programming has on you; and,
  • Taking on your challenges (fitness, work, relationships, and so on) with a newfound sense of commitment and a greatly enhanced ability for success.

Clients who undergo this metamorphosis wind up taking on life in a new way – healing long-damaged relationships, engaging in enterprises they never would have thought themselves capable of, and gaining a fearlessness of interacting with life – a sense of anything to which one commits oneself is possible.

Such a transformation has issues in life clear up without effort, and opportunities arise serendipitously. Suddenly, losing weight or quitting smoking is a natural phenomenon. An opportunity for a new career or enterprise arises, and you dive in with the abandon of an Olympic swimmer. Conversely, actions taken on top of a current of self-defeating beliefs are doomed to failure.

Your best intentions have no chance when you’re swimming against a riptide of ill-conceived beliefs (I’m not valued; I’m not good enough; nobody appreciates me; I’m unworthy of love; and so on). They just get swallowed up in that current. Being transformed, you recognize the riptide (e.g., the cluster-craziness that occurs regularly in the unconscious mind), and swim perpendicular. Once out of the riptide, everything comes more easily.