The Gift of Who We Are

We each are born with a very particular gift. Think of a garden, a forest, the sea. Each of these is filled with life. Each life various in color, shape, emanation.

Human beings are 99.9% the same, and that .01% is what differentiates us. This .01% can be seen as our gift, our specific divine ray. This ray is what we are here to live through, develop, shine forth.

When we arrive on this planet, we have the seed of this gift within. This very distinctive particle of energy is what we use, feel, recognize from the moment we arrive.

Because this seed is not seen or recognized as the gift that it is, we get confused. And, because this specific energy current is what we most experience, we use our gifts to defend against the pain of not being met in the exact way we feel we need.

Hence, our greatest gift becomes distorted. We wrap our ego around and around our divine ray. We then confuse our gifts with our egotistical distortion.

As our defensive structure develops, we find more and more evidence that our pseudo solution, our defensive structure, is the only thing that keeps us safe and happy. Our defense seems to keep us alive. As we believe, we experience, and so create this very reality. We set out to prove the conclusions we came to as babies and, because our life force energy is informed with the strength of universal energy, we create our illusions. Over and over and over.

Our work is to find our way back to the original expression of our life force energy. We stumble through the blocks of our own making. We trip over the thoughts and beliefs, the ingrained decisions we made as children.

Our nervous systems are on high alert when we approach the brink of death. This is what it feels like to our young, emotionally immature, and psychologically unsophisticated selves.

Our approach to life is set in our beings, in our thoughts and our feelings. It is woefully misinformed.

Meanwhile, our very life force, what we are here to create, is driving us out into the world. The longing that we have, the desire to display our gifts grows ever stronger.

The frustration we feel is a result of the confusion between what we have to offer – our true gifts – and our defensive structure.

Within our problems, our gifts are hidden. This is why we want to take every event, every disharmony, every seemingly incidental upset, and view it through the lens of transformation.

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