Mindful Eating – Better than Dieting!

Which would you prefer to do, focus restricting your portions and what you eat, or enjoy whatever food you are eating?  According to a new research study, simply being mindful of what you eat is better than dieting.  Being mindful means to be very present. So you don’t just take that first bite, think “Yum!”

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The Most Important Foods to Eat Organic

According to our good friends at the Environmental Working Group, the foods that usually contain the most pesticides, and therefore you’d most want to buy/eat organic, are (in order of worst to least worst but still bad… the so called “dirty dozen”): Apples Celery Strawberries Peaches Spinach Nectarines ( imported) Grapes (imported) Sweet bell peppers Potatoes

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What We Eat

Many people ask me what I eat. I hope you find this helpful. -JoAnn Fresh. Organic. Unprocessed. Whole. Every body is different. We all have individual needs for a particular amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat. It is your job to discover what ideal percentages of those macro nutrients work for your body.  To meet

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