This Work on the Path

Pathwork in PittsburghThe point of this work on the path is to go into the dark, hidden, fear-filled heart. We are to go towards rather than away from all that we have kept ourselves blind to in order to avoid discomfort.

Life has pain, suffering, loss, death innate to itself. When we negate any of this, we negate our very lives.

No, it is not pleasant to see and feel and think about the ugly side of humanity. It is, indeed, heartbreaking to allow oneself to become deeply intimate with the worst that is in us. And, there it is, right there, if we only stop to see.

To look away, put our fingers in our ears, refuse what exists, are the actions of a child. It is true that a child would find the facts of life unbearable. It is a matter of survival that a child create an illusory universe so as to keep themselves safe from destructive forces.

Our illusions do not keep us safe in the long run. They were a temporary strategy, quite wisely devised for a tender heart. Now is the time to be willing to see these illusions for what they are, a distraction from reality. By courageously facing reality in all of its manifestations, we can untangle the web.

We can see how it is we who took the streamings and diverted them away from their natural course out of our own greed and fear. We can, if we were willing to let go, raise our arms in surrender to what life has to offer. Instead, like children, we resist and demand that it go the way we think it should. As if our small minds could possibly know what this magnificent intelligence has in store for us.

It is the child in each of us that keeps us at war, refusing to share, turning a blind eye to the suffering of another human being. As if their suffering is not our own. Only a child throws a tantrum when asked to share.

The limited thinking that has brought us to the point where we are now in our country does not allow for the intelligence that life has to offer. Life is growth, change, sharing, clearing old and making room for new. Life squanders itself unselfishly, gleefully, with aplomb.

Tap into the nature of life, in all of its true glory, and there, in those forces, the answers can be found. Not by turning away from, but rather towards what each of us contributes to the negative forces, we can alter life energy. By granting one another beingness, acceptance, the pleasure of love, we can be with, rather than against, life.

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