Energy Healing

Happiness Requires Flow; Flow Requires Acceptance

If challenging feelings are simply allowed to be felt, instead of resisted, the entire body lightens. Sometimes immediately. The natural energy of every feeling itself is always fluid. It is only our resistance, the locking down against the fear of experiencing our feelings and emotions, that causes blockage. More challenging feelings and emotions, like depression …

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What Do You Mean, I am the Only Thing that Matters?

The point is to look and see what it is that you need to feel well and be well. Then give yourself that gift. You cannot be there for others unless you know how to be there for yourself. It is impossible to give generously, and from your heart, unless you are filled up. Giving from a place of resentment, or “in order to” or as a way of proving to the world that you are a “good” person is not real giving. If you are busy trying to prove you are worthy, you might look to see if you have true self-worth.