• Amy Goldstein, Physician

    I’ve been training with JoAnn for five years. With her I’ve gained consciousness of my body, my eating/food issues, acceptance of my weaknesses, self-forgiveness, and an understanding of how to manage my self-care. JoAnn really cares about me, she wants to see me succeed and be the best I can be, and that makes all the difference. I do not know where I would be without JoAnn; she has truly changed my life.

  • Rob McDowell

    I originally came to Hydration to avoid having invasive rotator cuff surgery. My orthopedist had recommended surgery to repair small tears. I’d tried physical therapy, to no avail. After receiving Muscle Activation Technique body work and basic weight training at Hydration, I can now use my arm! I really appreciate the personal attention, caring, and non-trivial conversation. JoAnn is one of the most enjoyable people I’ve ever met.

  • Rebecca Burgwin, Paramedic

    When I came to JoAnn three years ago, my entire body was in dire need of her help. Since then I have achieved weight loss, greater strength, bone density and muscle tone, have developed a greater consciousness of my body, have developed better posture, better eating habits, I sleep better and I have less joint pain, less stress. I enjoy an improved overall quality of life, and am more motivated in general to take care of myself. Had I not been training at Hydration, I don’t know if I’d be able to do the heavy lifting my job requires. JoAnn is a doll and incredibly well informed. She also makes me laugh so much. Jonah is sweet and funny as well, and is a terrific trainer. Together they make the entire experience of training at Hydration something special.

  • Susan Schotz, Educational Consultant

    I began by taking a class that JoAnn led in 1993! I felt so good after lifting weights that I decided to add training with JoAnn to my regular physical activity. Her systems and instructions have been part of my workouts ever since. I have more upper body strength, better balance, and a healthier approach to physical activity and eating. Add all of that to her ability to motivate me to live a richer life, and I have results that are better than I ever expected. I don’t train there anymore because I have relocated out of state, but I have taken JoAnn’s philosophy and workout routines with me.

  • Sue B. Van Doeren, Psychotherapist – Licensed Clinical Social Worker

    I came to Hydration to heal a shoulder injury incurred when I fell off a horse. Not only was my shoulder healed but I received so much more. I am now far more conscious of my body and my body’s communications to me. I have learned the proper relationship with my muscles regarding my ongoing physical exercise and the essentialness of hydration. JoAnn’s holistic approach – attention to body, mind and spirit and exquisite attention to the underlying physical and emotional issues that result in physical symptoms are without parallel. She is fiercely committed to her clients’ emotional and physical well being. The way she lives her life is a wonderful model for the rest of us for what is available in the realm of self care.

  • Darlene Paolo

    I came to Hydration to lose weight and make exercise a regular part of my life. I accomplished all of the above. There I received a new, experiential (not conceptual) understanding of the importance of healthy eating. I discovered that when I eat crap, I generally feel like crap. By really paying attention to my diet, I became aware of how much better I feel when I eat right. And, for me, that’s a stronger motivation than losing the extra weight because, let’s face it, I’m I a woman and there’s always going to be five more pounds to lose! The other really cool thing I learned was that just because I had started and stopped diet/exercise programs in the past, I did not have to define myself as a “quitter.” I learned that when I follow an unhealthy course I can just reverse directions and get myself back on track. I no longer feel like a failure or beat myself up when I screw up. I just fix it because I know I can and I know what makes me feel better. Besides the beautiful studio and state-of-the-art equipment, I just love the hour that I spend with JoAnn. She’s really knowledgeable in all aspects of physiology and she’s been doing this for years so you know you’re dealing with a pro. And I know she truly cares about me. If you’ve ever been to a trainer and felt like you were just a client, you know the difference.

  • Lyn

    I have trained with several people and my goals have always been to tone my body, develop muscle, and work on my balance so that as I age (I am now 56), I will be less likely to fall and injure myself. My posture has improved, and I have achieved greater muscle tone. It is easier for me to carry heavy loads such as groceries. I have also become much more aware of the need to hydrate. I like not working out near other people since they can be a distraction. I like working on my flexibility rather than just going from one machine to the next. JoAnn truly cares about her clients and is ever vigilant in guiding them in the right direction. She is able to give individualized, personalized attention to each client. I also enjoyed training with Jonah. He really listens to his clients and their goals. He has a pleasant, soft-spoken manner and is not overly aggressive.

  • Susan

    Training at Hydration, I have improved my posture, strengthened my body overall, improved my eating habits, developed a better awareness of my body, lessened my stress and lost weight. While I have a well-equipped home gym, I prefer Hydration’s space. In what may seem counterintuitive to exercise, the space is a soothing environment, and the emphasis is very personal, not just catering to the masses. No spandex and bright lights! (I can focus on myself, not the person in front of me.) I have a long history with exercise and have worked with other personal trainers. JoAnn’s approach is very comprehensive: food, vitamins, posture, body work, and an emphasis on proper weight lifting form. I’ve started to understand my body, and fitness, at a whole new level. Nothing I’ve done in the past – excessive cardio, crazy dieting – has changed my body as much as my work at Hydration. It’s a full time job keeping body, mind and soul together. JoAnn not only helps you wage the war, she helps you win it! I recently started working out with Jonah as well. In just a short time, he dramatically increased my strength. He has a real commitment to weight lifting form (the best way to avoid injuries and get the most benefit for your efforts) and keeps the workout interesting. He’s always changing things, so you’re never bored. Working with Jonah is a very professional – and fun – experience!

  • Marina Persic Lehn

    Since I came to Hydration a year ago, I have gained muscle tone, better posture, better eating habits and lost weight. JoAnn addresses fitness holistically and individually. She cares about my overall health and thoughtfully makes suggestions based on my needs. She’s become a great friend. Jonah is very knowledgeable about weight training and gives you a great workout. He’s very pleasant to work with and a really nice guy.

  • Karen Smith, Broadcast Production Manager

    I came to Hydration to get my body back in shape, strengthen my shoulders (a tear in each shoulder), build my core and to put myself on track for a long-term quality of life. I felt it important to go to a professional to learn the proper technique in lifting weights and to avoid injury. Strength/ weight training helps bone density and I am in a risk category. I am stronger. I have lost weight. I am confident and know when I go to the gym myself, I perform weight lifting properly and know how to avoid injury. I am constantly reminded how to relieve stress at work. I am eating healthier. I understand the benefit of whole foods (I constantly hear TV programs reflecting what I have heard from JoAnn). That makes me smile – she is truly there to help me achieve long-term health. JoAnn cares about me physically and mentally. She is a girlfriend to share stressful situations with on bad days, a nutrition counselor (I have learned a lot), and she is focused on my health, success and growth. She knows how to push me to be even better. I decided one year to use my income tax return on me. To get into shape – after menopause – weight gain and lack of confidence and strength. It was the best decision I ever made – I only wish I had started sooner. And, I continue because health is a lifelong commitment. I’ve recommended JoAnn and Hydration to many friends – some now work with her on a regular basis. Jonah is a wonderful skilled trainer. He watches my movements like a hawk and his training tips are clearly communicated. He understands my strengths and works with me to succeed and grow in strength. He is kind and caring and has a quiet confidence that lets me know I can do it.

  • AH – Longtime Client

    JoAnn cares. She cares and looks out for your wellness in ways that you hadn’t even thought about. She’s a personal trainer who thinks holistically, trains, advises, coaches, nurtures, and she will even check up on you. You’ll find in her a warm, friendly, smart and knowledgeable professional. Her studio is beautiful.