One and the Same

Moon Photo

We are all one and the same. The energy that is the stars and the moon and beyond, all, are one and the same. This, if you allow this to penetrate your being, changes your relationship to the small, petty differences that you experience. This separation that you insist on keeps you small.

At one time, before you knew any better, this separation felt like the only safe alternative to annihilation. Now, if you are willing to pray into the part of you that recognizes the substance of the universe as “home,” and be with, rather than separate from, you will experience the bliss and joy that life, as it is in reality, has to offer.

This is a powerful choice.

The part of you that trembles at the possibility of this choice is the ego. The ego is not evil by nature, although it certainly can be. It is evil by intent. Your intention is everything – as long as you follow through with it. Intention alone, with no action, is meaningless. And action with no intention is praying for trouble. Without intention, life is action followed by one re-action after another.

This substance that is the universe in which you live, and of which you are a part, is completely neutral.

You can project onto this substance anything you can imagine. The worst pain and the greatest pleasure are yours for the asking. The choice is yours. This is not to say that there is no pain on this planet; pain comes with the territory. And, your reaction to whatever is gives you the experience, not the actual event.

The joy that you feel deep in the core of your being when you see the moon, or a waterfall, or a baby, is not something that comes from outside of your being. The sorrow you feel when loss occurs is not caused by what was lost. We are, by our nature, emotional beings. We are here simply to enjoy the physical pleasure of emotions in our bodies … and unite these emotions with the universal existence.

Imagine, if you will, all of the human beings on this planet simultaneously tapping into the highest vibration of bliss.  Can you? Even two people, together, sharing an orgasmic moment is hard to hold for long. This union is the creative force of our universe expressing its existence. It is our right, our calling, our nature, to have this experience. It is what we live for, what we all long for. It is we who want this with every breath and it is we who turn away from this love in fear.

The separation from the other wants to be healed. We can each do our part. Be with the part of you that rings true with the universal vibration as often as you can. Live every day with intention. Take actions that are in line with the intention of going towards rather than away from. Allow all of the creative union and bliss that we were born to feel. This is our birthright as beings of this universe.

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