The Habit of Negativity

The habit of negativity cannot be ground down and stomped out.

Nor can we simply put a positive spin on our thoughts and feelings and pretend the negative does not exist in us (only in “them”).

Withdrawal, via an over-intellectualization of our negativity, leaves us in apathy, a false sense that we are above all of those messy emotions.

As emotional beings, it is vital to feel into and understand ourselves from our feeling body. This is not to moralize or change or make ourselves bad for having negativity, but to grow ourselves up by including all of the parts of ourselves. We cannot be responsible for something unless we know it exists in us.

Our brains are geared toward holding on to the negative. Historically, this was a very necessary physiological development. We would not have survived as a species had we not had a way to judge and remember where deadly danger lurked.

Today, this part of our brain is in overdrive, unnecessarily so. Relatively, our world is less dangerous from a survival perspective. At this point, it is we who are the danger. We continue to judge, and deem as dangerous, occurrences in our lives that remind us of something in our past. We continue to see another human being who looks different from us, and have a fear response.

There is a moment between stimulus and response. It is the responsibility of each and every human being to look into themselves and question the automatic judgment that occurs. Otherwise, we will continue to respond from fear and hatred, from negativity.

The opportunity is for human beings to see and feel, and truly understand that we are actually in this thing called life, together.

Yes, there are people who are dangerous and evil. It is only by being willing to honestly see the evil in ourselves that we will have access to our intuition. Any block, untransformed, to any part of ourselves, clouds our intuition. Our intuition, once clear, can inform us much more accurately whether or not we are in danger.

Intuition is much more perceptive than an adrenaline-filled brain. All day, every day, we are running on fear-based adrenaline, which is what happens when we unconsciously live from our negativity. This burnout cuts off the access to our higher states of consciousness.

Perhaps the purpose of life is to bring in higher and higher states of consciousness. We can only do this by going in and through, not around ourselves. By including all of ourselves. With kindness and compassion to ourselves, we can learn to include all of the other. By accepting ourselves as we really are, we can choose differently. We can grow ourselves up. It is time.

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