Handling Negativity

rippleWe are not our negatives thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes.

We are not even our negative actions.

We are all, each and every one, so much more.

The negativity in our lives is ours to transform. This is the gift, the opportunity that life can be if we choose to allow ourselves this freedom.

The more dignity, grace and honor with which we hold our darkest underbelly, the more joy and bliss will be available. Only to the exact degree that we can hold ourselves in our darkness will the light filter in.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, nor can it be hidden. This is why it is so important to be willing to see the negativity in ourselves. When we hold ourselves against ourselves, and against life, we cut off our availability to our energy source. It is not that the energy is not there, it is that it becomes twisted, dense and hard. It is our life work to soften, melt and allow this energy to flow as is its original design.

This work can be done gracefully, with courage and willingness – that is the choice we get to make every single day. This evolutionary process is unfolding whether or not we choose to be active in our own transformation.

The act of taking on one’s own transformation is the most generous action for all of life. From this brave act, miracles can happen. The rippling effect of one brave soul stepping forward into the real truth of their lives can change the course of many.

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