Life is sacred, but we do not treat it as such.

We frequently war with life. We believe that because we do not get, have, experience , exactly what we want or think we should, that something is wrong. Terribly, awfully wrong.

The guilt and shame that this something wrong could be us is too much, so we project this wrong out onto the world. Our partners, co-workers, other drivers, insurance companies, the government, they are what is wrong. All the while, we harbor our secret fear that we are fundamentally wrong, broken beyond repair.

We waste our lives trying to hide this belief. This drives the individual into a personal war against themselves.

It is covered over with food, drugs, shopping, work, striving for success in whatever way each individual is thrown to prove to the world that it is not they who is the problem right versus wrong becomes a matter of life and death, both figuratively and literally.

There is nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing. Every problem, speed bump in the road, every ache and pain is an opportunity to be with life just as it is, without doubt. There is no real control over what happens to us in our lives. This is the mystery that is woven into the sacredness of life. We do not get to know.

What we get are more and more opportunities to give up the need to know, the need to have control. What we have every single day of our lives is another possibility of living into the miracle of life with abandon. The answer is not in our busy minds where we try to figure out the next best move toward the achievement we have fooled ourselves into believing will fix this something wrong.

The answer lives in our hearts. True living comes from squandering life, knowing there is nothing wrong, nothing to fix, nothing to achieve. There is only being with life in a way that connects us to the sacred. In this we are all one. In this there is no color, gender, financial superior, there is no war because there is nothing to fight against. Life just is – in all of its beauty and mystery.

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