Lifestyle Suggestions

Do Don’t
Get 7-9 hours of sleep. Less than that deprives your brain of oxygen, causing headaches, depression and hunger. Also, drinking less fluids later in the day will allow you to sleep longer without needing to wake up and go to the bathroom.
Sleep on your back, or on your side with a body pillow Never sleep on your stomach
Drink pure water out of glass or stainless steel; if desired, flavor water with lemon, orange, mint leaves, cucumber, etc. Drink water first thing in the morning, preferably hot with the juice of a lemon. Don’t drink out of plastic; don’t drink tap water. Don’t have the first beverage you drink in the morning be coffee or caffeinated tea.
Eat organic foods Especially, don’t eat non-organic almonds or any of the “dirty dozen” listed below from worst to least bad (NOTE: these foods are all good for you as long as they are ORGANIC):
Sweet Bell Peppers
See  When to Eat Organic for more info.
Eat the majority of your calories earlier in the day. Don’t eat right before you go to bed (ideally not two hours before).
Eat consciously and in a pleasant atmosphere. A nice table setting with a cloth napkin has you feeling nourished before you even start to eat. Take a deep breath or say a prayer before eating – be mindful and grateful. Pay attention to every bite.  Chew very thoroughly. Put your fork down between each bite. Don’t watch TV while eating. Don’t bring up upsetting subjects over dinner.  Don’t allow yourself to be distracted and “unconscious” while eating.
Do enjoy a bite of organic 70% dark chocolate after your meal (we love Green & Black’s). If you choose to have dessert, savor a few bites. Don’t inhale a large desert.
Eat whole foods, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, fish, poultry, eggs, a minimum of dairy (only organic). Don’t eat “white” foods – food make with white sugar, white flour, white rice, potatoes. Limit red meat, pork and haggis.
Breathe. Breathe deeply through your nose and into the diaphragm (ideally make it feel like you are inflating your belly from the bottom up). Exhale slowly. Remind yourself regularly to take a conscious breath. Don’t forget to breathe. Especially when you are upset, a simple conscious breath can completely alter your experience.
Move. Walk (preferably outside, or some other cardio vascular exercise)  for 30-60 minutes 5-6 days/week, lift weights 2-3 times/week for 30-60 minutes, spend 10 minutes every day on basic postural exercises. Don’t rationalize why you don’t have time. Don’t do anything that causes you pain.
Be conscious of your posture throughout the day. Sit with both feet on the floor and your head between your shoulders. Don’t sit hunched over a computer or desk, don’t cross your knees,
Listen to uplifting music and other recordings (our favorite is A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle). Don’t listen to the news, or if you must, do so in small doses and not close to bedtime or while eating. Don’t watch violent TV or movies. Don’t go to sleep with the TV on.
Use a wired headset for your work, home and cell phones. While you can get reasonable stuff cheaply at Radio Shack and Staples, I recommend you get better quality equipment at HelloDirect. Never cradle a phone between your shoulder and your ear. Never text while driving – it’s twice as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.
Use a Neti Pot when you feel a cold coming on or when allergies are bothering you. Don’t use it every day, it can dry your nasal passages
Communicate responsibly. Forgive as soon as you can. Acknowledge people as often as possible to show your appreciation; this will nourish you most of all. Don’t hold onto upsets and grudges. Don’t withhold love. Don’t gossip.
Commit to a physical, nutritional, emotional and spiritual/mindful practice. The greatest of follies is to prioritize anything ahead of your health.

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