Tangled in the WaterIt is only human to strive for more and better. Without this natural desire we would not improve or evolve.

Like any natural desire, some of us take this to the extreme and others of us ignore it all together. This does not make anyone better or worse, more evolved or less so, only in a different place on the continuum of growth.

Just notice for yourself how in some areas there is a strong desire to know more or perform with excellence, while in others there is no interest whatsoever. So it is from person to person.

We have a tendency to judge what the other deems important or worthy of attention.

We are all so self-absorbed that we do not stop to consider that the other may just have a different set of priorities.

How much more peaceful life could be if we could each recognize our own strengths and our own weaknesses, and with compassion choose where we feel growth would be most helpful. If we could each tend to our own growth and respect the ability of the other to do the same.

Those of us who identify with being on a spiritual path are sometimes the greatest offenders of the basic law of brotherhood. Our desperate striving for inner peace and enlightenment can turn into a fast moving train, wiping out everyone in its path. A firehouse of “information,” put out everywhere and anywhere, to anyone who will listen (or not, we don’t even notice!) without taking into consideration that the other may not appreciate being hosed down.

Not everyone wants our “help!” Some people really are only complaining, and that is all they are interested in doing!  And that is OK!

I am writing this for myself, by the way. If you happen to resonate, I am happy for you. I know I need to put in check my desire to solve the problems of my friends, loved ones, and dear sons. If anyone wants my insight, they can ask. Otherwise it would behoove me (perhaps you too?) to tend to my own garden.

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