First Separating

All is one with the ocean, the consciousness. We are all here to see that we are not separate by first separating. It is painful only to the degree that you believe the lie that you are not of life. You are life doing what life does. Create.

Separation II by Edvard Munch, 1896, lithograph

Human beings are here to witness consciousness separating itself from itself. The greater consciousness is on the path as well. The path being to see, witness, experience oneness.

By not rejecting anything in yourself or others, by loving the parts of you that, until now, you have kept hidden – as if you could hide anything from life! There is no hiding your thoughts. Thoughts are energy. They exist as vibration and ripple out into consciousness, where they become form. The thought is the masculine. The feminine births whatever experience has been created by the thought.

It is vital to see, witness, allow your thoughts so that you may clear them, not make them wrong. This internal war of right and wrong, better and worse, good and bad, constantly vying for attention, is what is to be healed.

The great Spiritual Laws are working constantly. Your mind does not yet know them all; they are more of a feeling than a knowing. When you are not resisting life in anyway, you are one with life. When you are not reacting, and therefore creating, from your negative belief, you are one with life. When you are not rejecting part of yourself but also not buying into the lies you tell yourself, you are one with life.

Your feeling body Knows Truth and Reality. Your brain does not. Your being recognizes itself when and only when you are One. You then feel clear, without judgment – a deep sense of peace exists. This is true even when outside circumstances are not to the liking of your personality.

Stay with this peace, as best you can, take non-rejection into your day. Pay attention when you feel yourself tighten against what is wanting to be felt today. You are loved. Stay with this peace. As best you can. You can trust this, it is obvious. You continue to leave this at your door; your path is to bring it down the mountain.

With great love and appreciation
JoAnn Brickley

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