Energy Healing Accepted in More and More Clinical Settings

Ever since I started doing energy healing a number of years ago, it always seemed like there were two camps, the yay-sayers and the nay-sayers. And perhaps there always will be.  You may be surprised to see articles like this one entitled More Than 50 U.S. Hospitals Use Energy Healing from a review article published in Orthopaedic Nursing (2005; 24 [4], 259–69).

Here’s a great article that talks about different modalities, including Healing Touch. Invoking the Healing Response: Use of ‘energy healing’ grows in Boulder County & nationwide.  Let me close with a great quote from that article.  Enjoy!

‘We have a tendency in Western society to say, “If we can’t see it and measure it, then it doesn’t exist.” But I wonder if fish swimming around in the ocean know they are in an ocean, and that the water that’s flowing through them brings them life. Energy flows through us under normal circumstances, and for our bodies, minds and emotions to function at optimum level, we need that energy flowing through us always.’

— Carol Hiesterman, oncology nurse 

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