One Legged Squat

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Strengths quadriceps, glutes and hamstring muscles, and strengthens your balance and stability. 

Starting Position (Figure 1)

  • Stand up.

  • Place front of right foot (shoelaces) on the middle and top of the ball behind you.


  • Inhale as you bend your left knee and sit down into your left hip while pressing you right leg and the ball out behind you (Figure 2).

  • Exhale as you press into your left heel and straighten your left leg and pull your right leg back towards you into the starting position.



Out for 3 seconds

Do not hold

In for 3 seconds



Repeat 8-10 times on each side



2-3 (and as often as you like throughout the day)



  • Keep hips level.

  • Keep chest up.

  • Keep knee on the standing leg in alignment with your second toe.

General Caution and Disclaimer

As with any exercise, always exercise caution.  If you have any concern about your ability to perform an exercise, consult your physician first.  If an exercise begins to hurt you in any way, discontinue the exercise immediately.


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Figure 1

Figure 2