McKenzie Press-Up

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When you sit, your lumbar spine is frequently in flexion, which can be stressful. This exercise helps you create extension in your lumbar spine.  It is a wonderful way to relax your back throughout the day.  Do it as often as you like.

Starting Position (Figure 1)

  • Lie face down

  • Hands flat on floor, just outside the top of the shoulders

  • Relax your back and butt

  • Keep head and neck in line with your spine (as if you were standing up straight)


  • As you exhale, slowly push yourself up, keeping your pelvis on the floor (Figure 2)

  • Inhale as you slowly lower yourself all the way down (Figure 1)




4 seconds up

Do not hold

4 seconds down



Repeat 10 times



2-3 (and as often as you like throughout the day



  • Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed

  • This is a relaxed movement, not really an “exercise”

General Caution and Disclaimer

As with any exercise, always exercise caution.  If you have any concern about your ability to perform an exercise, consult your physician first.  If an exercise begins to hurt you in any way, discontinue the exercise immediately.


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Figure 1

Figure 2