Hip Extension:
Feet on Ball

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Hip extension exercises work your hamstrings, your glutes and your low back.  This exercise also works your abdominal muscles and all of your stabilizer muscles. 

Starting Position (Figure 1)

  • Lie on your back.

  • Beginners start with calves on the ball.  As you advance, take the ball closer to your feet.

  • Arms out to the sides.  As you advance, bring arms closer to your body.

  • Palms up.


  • Keeping your body straight, exhale and lift your body off the floor (Figure 2).

  • Hold for 1-10 seconds.

  • Inhale as you slowly lower to the floor (Figure 1).



4 seconds up

Do not hold

4 seconds down



Repeat 10 times



2-3 (and as often as you like throughout the day



  • Keep your spine in line.

  • Engage your glutes.

  • Do not put any pressure on your neck.

  • This does exercise your lower back, but you should feel it mostly in your glutes.

  • Keep your toes pointed towards the ceiling.

Advanced Exercise

  • Keeping your body straight, exhale and lift your body off the floor (Figure 3).

  • Hold for 1-10 seconds.

  • Lift your left leg as high as you can without dropping your hip. (Figure 3)

  • Lower your leg to the ball.

  • Inhale as you slowly lower your torso to the floor.

  • Repeat with the right leg.

General Caution and Disclaimer

As with any exercise, always exercise caution.  If you have any concern about your ability to perform an exercise, consult your physician first.  If an exercise begins to hurt you in any way, discontinue the exercise immediately.


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Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3