Alternating Superman

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To stabilize your spine.

Starting Position (Figure 1)

  • Get on all fours

  • Hands directly under shoulders

  • Knees directly under hips

  • Head stays in line with your spine.

  • Push your belly button slightly to the floor, to create a small arch in your back.

  • Lift your ribcage up slightly.

  • Pull your abdominal muscles in to keep that position.


  • Take a deep breath and hold it.

  • At the same time (Figure 2):

    • With your thumb up, lift your left arm at 45 degrees from your head to the level of your shoulder.

    • Raise your right leg to the level of your hip, while pressing your heel straight out behind you.

  • Hold 10 seconds.

  • As you exhale, lower slowly, without losing your form!

  • Repeat on the opposite side (right arm, left leg).



2 seconds up

Hold 10 seconds

2 seconds down



Repeat 10 times






  • Relax neck and shoulders.

  • Keep your spine in alignment.

  • It is easy to lose your form with this exercise.  Concentrate on holding your form throughout the exercise.

General Caution and Disclaimer

As with any exercise, always exercise caution.  If you have any concern about your ability to perform an exercise, consult your physician first.  If an exercise begins to hurt you in any way, discontinue the exercise immediately.


2005, Shadyside Center for Health




Figure 1

Figure 2